Kellil Nouamane

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EQUIPE: Electronique des systèmes et stockage d’énergie (ESSE)


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was born on August 15, 1978 in Khenchela, eastern Algeria. He obtained his undergraduate degree (DES) in radiation physics from the USTHB, Algiers, in 2001. He obtained his master's degree in physics in 2008 at the USTHB. He has been working as a researcher at UDES since 2008

Publication récentes

Kellil Nouamane, Aissat  A, Mellit A, 

"Fault diagnosis of photovoltaic modules using deep neural networks and infrared images under Algerian climatic conditions"

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Atoui Sakina, Kellil Nouamane, Hatti Mustapha, Bouzidi B, Ghribi eps diaf Djamila , 

"Sizing of a house standalone power system : case of north Algeria"

International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology(TM)) ISSN: 2249-8958, Volume 8, Issue 3s (2019).

Ghribi eps diaf Djamila , Diaf Said, Khelifa A, Kellil Nouamane, 

Optimal coupling of a PEM electrolyser to a PVgenerator : Case of Adrar,

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