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Dr. Eng Ouassila BENHABILES Holds a PhD on Environmental Engineering from National Polytechnic School of Algiers (ENP) in 2018. Obtained her Magister degree in Chemical Process and Environment in 2008, Engineer in Process Engineering, in 2002 from University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB), Algiers, Algeria. Since 2009, she is Researcher at Development Unit of Solar Equipment UDES/Epst CDER, Bou-Ismail, Tipaza, Algeria. Currently, head of the team: Wastewater Treatment and Recovery Her first area of expertise is renewable wastewater treatment like solar photocatalysis, sand filtration, coagulation and flocculation using natural products. Her research is focused in reuse of wastewater for different application. She also has got many opportunities to be formed in organic membrane preparation and characterization with experts in membrane technology in ITM-CNR, Italy. Member of several National and International projects (National Research Program PNR, Algerian-Tunisian cooperation and European collaboration).

Publication récentes

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Chekir Nadia, Tassalit Djillali , Benhabiles Ouassila, Sahraoui N, Mellal  M, 

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Chekir Nadia, Tassalit Djillali , Mellal  M, Benhabiles Ouassila, Sahraoui N, 

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