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Lamine Aoudjit(born 1983) has achieved his first degree of undergraduate studies in Chemistry (2007) at the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene USTHB - Algiers, where, after that, he joined the laboratory of Chemistry of Natural Gas Faculty of Chemistry in the USTHB to conduct his Master thesis research work on porous materials and dry reforming reaction, defended in 2010.He Obtained a PhD degree in chemistry by the end of 2019.Actually, heis a researcher atDevelopment Unit of Solar Equipments(UDES) in Tipaza -Algeria.Lamine’s expertise ismainly on Heterogeneous Catalysis, Catalyst,material characterization and application to water treatments.

Publication récentes

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Aoudjit Lamine, Sebti Aicha, Madjene Farid, Lebik Hafida, Boutra Belgassim, Igoud Sadek, 

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