Igoud Sadek

Directeur de Recherche

EQUIPE: Épuration et Valorisation des Eaux de Rejet (EVER)

Email: igoud.sadek@udes.dz

Phone: 213 (0) 24 41 01 33

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Sadek Igoud has obtained his degrees of engineering and Magistère from the National Higher School of Agronomy (ENSA) in 1991 then 1995. In 2015, He defended his Doctorat titled ‘integration of renewable energies and sustainable processes for urban wastewater treatment” at the National Polytechnic School (ENP). His Ability to conduct researches was obtained in 2018 at Yahia Fares University. Since 2000, he worked at CDER for developing biogas project. From 2006 until now, he works at UDES in EVER research team. During his professional career, he designed and experimented prototypes also he has authored several conference papers, publications and patents.

Publication récentes

Igoud Sadek, 

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