Lebik Hafida

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EQUIPE: Épuration et Valorisation des Eaux de Rejet (EVER)

Email: lebik.hafida@udes.dz

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: Holds a PhD in environmental engineering (2019) from on the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria. She is currently a researcher at the Solar Development Equipment Unit (UDES). Her research focuses on wastewater treatment using advanced oxidation processes: electrochemical oxidation, Photocatalysis, persulfate oxidation, as well as combined processes. She is actually working on the development of new low environmental footprint processes, which include the use of solar energy for the removal of contaminants from aqueous media. She has also experience in wastewater disinfection using UV as well as electrochemical disinfection. Her scientific work has been published in articles in peer reviewed international scientific journals as well as in articles in international and national conferences proceeding.

Publication récentes

Gomez Hererro E, Lebik Hafida, Ait Amar H, Tobajas M, Rodriguz J J, Mohedano A F, 

Thiamethoxam removal by Fenton and biological oxidation.

J. Chem. Technol. Biotechnol..doi:10.1002/jctb.5953

Lebik Hafida, Ait Amar H, Elhadi R, Madjene Farid, Tassalit Djillali , 

“Anodic oxidation of methylene blue at Ti/Pt electrode”

Algerian J. Env. Sc. Technology, 5(3), 1041-1045

Lebik Hafida, Frontistis Z, Ait Amar H, Amrani S, Mantzavinos D, 

Electrochemical oxidation of pesticide thiamethoxam on boron doped diamond anode: Role of operating parameters and matrix effect

Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Volume 116, 2018, Pages 535-541.

Aoudjit Lamine, Sebti Aicha, Madjene Farid, Lebik Hafida, Boutra Belgassim, Igoud Sadek, 

Numerical modeling of solar reactor for water treatment: hydrodynamic, kinetic and solar irradiation aspects

International Journal of Scientific Research and Management Studies (IJSRMS), ISSN: 23493371, Volume 1 Issue 12, 422-443

Aoudjit Lamine, Sebti Aicha, Madjene Farid, Lebik Hafida, Boutra Belgassim, Igoud Sadek, 

Photocatalytic degradation of metronidazole using TiO2 catalystsunder solar irradiation

International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, (IJCEE) ISSN: 2078-0737, Volume 6, No. 3, pp.150-152