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EQUIPE: Applications des équipements photovoltaïques (AEP)


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Publication récentes

Mohand Kaci Ghania, Mahrane Achour, Ghedamsi K, Chikh Madjid, 

"Techno-economic feasibility analysis of grid-connected residential PV systems in Algeria"

Energy & Environment

Mohand Kaci Ghania, Mahrane Achour, Chikh Madjid, Berkane Smaïn, 

Energy management system with demand response for solar home.

Journal of Mechanics of Continua and Mathematical Sciences. Special Issue, No.9, pp 275-285

Mohand Kaci Ghania, Mahrane Achour, Ghedamsi K, Chikh Madjid, 

Influence of Battery Storage on Self-Consumption of Residential Photovoltaic Systems in a Mediterranean Climate.

International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT) ISSN: 2249 – 8958, Volume-8, Issue-3S, February 2019

Belaidi Rachid, Haddouche A, Fathi Mohamed, Mghezzi Larafi Mohamed, Mohand Kaci Ghania, 

Performance Of Grid-Connected PV System Based On SAPF For Power Quality Improvement

Proceedings of 2016 IEEE International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference, IRSEC 2016 (2017)

Belaidi Rachid, Fathi Mohamed, Mghezzi Larafi Mohamed, Mohand Kaci Ghania, Haddouche A, 

Power quality improvement based on shunt active power filter connected to a photovoltaic array (2016)

IEE Publisher, Proceedings of 2015 IEEE International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference, IRSEC 2015, art. no. 7455103