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EQUIPE: Applications des équipements photovoltaïques (AEP)

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Publication récentes

Meflah Aissa, Aouchiche Imen, Berkane Smaïn, Chekired Fathia, 

" Estimation models of photovoltaic module operating temperature under various climatic conditions"

Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, vol32, N01, pages 13–20.

Chikh Madjid, Berkane Smaïn, Mahrane Achour, Sellami Rabah, Yassaa Noureddine, 

Performance Assessment of a 400 kWp Multi-Technology Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Pilot Plant in Arid Region of Algeria,

Renewable Energy, 2021, ISSN 0960-1481

Mohand Kaci Ghania, Mahrane Achour, Chikh Madjid, Berkane Smaïn, 

Energy management system with demand response for solar home.

Journal of Mechanics of Continua and Mathematical Sciences. Special Issue, No.9, pp 275-285

Chekired Fathia, Berkane Smaïn, Meflah Aissa, Mahrane Achour, 

Artificial Neural Network based Controller for Energy Management in a Solar Home in Algeria

IEEE Xplore:

Bendib Boualem, Belmili Hocine, Berkane Smaïn, Seddaoui Naoual, Krim F, 

Modeling and Simulation of PV Generator Characteristics under LabVIEW

IEEE, Volume18, pp.1-6, 2019