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EQUIPE: Applications des équipements photovoltaïques (AEP)


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Meflah Aissa, Benzina Amel, Boucena Lyna, Smara Zoubeyr, Chekired Fathia, Aissat  A, 

"Impact of voltage temperature coefficient on power prediction of four type silicon photovoltaic module technologies installed in real conditions in the north-central of Algeria"

Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems, volume 08 No.1. AJSS. 2023.

Kouadri-Boudjelthia E, Chekired Fathia, Belhaouas N, Smara Zoubeyr, F Mehareb, 

Bubbles formation on the photovoltaic cells fingers: Visual inspection of 30-year-old modules

Solar Energy,Volume 230, Pages 1013-1019. (2021)

Meflah Aissa, Smara Zoubeyr, Mahrane Achour, Mokhtari Fatiha, Chikh Madjid, 

Estimation of Annual Energy Yield Roof Mount PV System on a Solar House based on CIS and Crystalline Silicon

IEEE Xplore

Chekired Fathia, Smara Zoubeyr, Mahrane Achour, Chikh Madjid, Berkane Smaïn, 

An energy flow management algorithm for a photovoltaic solar home

. Energy Procedia, Volume 111, Pages 934–943 (2017)

Chekired Fathia, Mahrane Achour, Smara Zoubeyr, Chikh Madjid, Guenounou Abderezzek, Meflah Aissa, 

Fuzzy logic energy management for a photovoltaic solar home

Energy Procedia 134 (2017) 723–730