Bendib Boualem

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EQUIPE: Systèmes Multi-sources (SMS)


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was born in Sétif, Algeria. He received the Engineering degree in electrical engineering in 2003, the Magister degree in electronics in 2007 and Doctorate degree in electronics in 2017, all from the university of Sétif-1, Algeria. Since 2012 to this day, He is researcher at “Unité de Développement des Equipements Solaires, UDES”, in Bou-Ismail, Tipaza, Algeria. His research interests include: modeling, simulation and control of photovoltaic systems.

Publication récentes

Cheikh Ridha, Bendib Boualem, Belmili Hocine, 

"Improved Fuzzy Logic MPPT Controller of Stand-alone WECS-based PMSG under Stochastic Wind Environment "

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Bendib Boualem, Belmili Hocine, Berkane Smaïn, Seddaoui Naoual, Krim F, 

Modeling and Simulation of PV Generator Characteristics under LabVIEW

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Belmili Hocine, Boulouma Sabri, Bendib Boualem, Almi Mohamed Fayçal, 

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Almi Mohamed Fayçal, Belmili Hocine, Arrouf  M, Bendib Boualem, 

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Academic Journal of Science,CD-ROM. ISSN: 2165-6282 : 06(01):533–540 (2016),

Belmili Hocine, Boulouma Sabri, Bendib Boualem, Almi Mohamed Fayçal, 

Design and supervision of a PV-Wind stand-alone system

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