Belmili Hocine

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EQUIPE: Systèmes Multi-sources (SMS)


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is a Senior Research in Electronic Engineering. Obtained the state engineer degree in Electronic Engineering from Frères Mentouri University of Constantine in 2001, and MSc degree from Ferhat Abbas Sétif1 University in 2004. Hold the PhD degree in Electronic engineering from National Polytechnic School (Algeria), in 2012.  In 2014, he received the HdR degree from Saad Dahlab University of Blida. In 2019, he had a promotion to a research director. The Areas of interest are renewable energy systems, distributed systems, the application of advanced methods in control and improvement in energy conversion systems, the energy management and faults detection in Hybrid systems. Conduct several research projects in renewable energy. He has supervised several LMD doctors, Engineers and Masters students.  He was with the Solar Equipment’s Development Unit from Renewable Energy Center, ALGERIA, from 2005 until now.  Serves as reviewer with many International Journals (Scopus and Thomson routers). Author of many publications, book chapters and papers with the lecture committee

Publication récentes

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