Mghezzi Larafi Mohamed

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Professional Experience - Researcher in photovoltaic energy, experimented in design and implementation of static converters of power electronics applied to photovoltaic energy, such as solar stand-alone inverters and solar pumping inverters, as well as MPPT controllers. - Mastery of programming in computer science. Education - Magister in Electrical Engineering : Polytechnic National School, Algiers, 2002. - Electrical Engineer : Polytechnic National School, Algiers, 1992. - Bachelor in Electrical Engineering : Technicum Meslem Mahieddine, Algiers, 1987.

Publication récentes

Belaidi Rachid, Haddouche A, Ghribi eps diaf Djamila , Mghezzi Larafi Mohamed, 

A Three-Phase Grid-Connected PV System Based on SAPF for Power Quality Improvement

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Belaidi Rachid, Haddouche A, Fathi Mohamed, Mghezzi Larafi Mohamed, Mohand Kaci Ghania, 

Performance Of Grid-Connected PV System Based On SAPF For Power Quality Improvement

Proceedings of 2016 IEEE International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference, IRSEC 2016 (2017)

Bendjebbas Hichem, Abbas Mohamed, El-Hadj A. Abdellah, Sellami Rabah, Mghezzi Larafi Mohamed, 

Mathematical model of heliostat reflective surface deformation

Nature and Technology Journal, University of Hassiba Ben Bouali de Chlef, Indexed by Proquest&EBSCO. 2016

Belaidi Rachid, Fathi Mohamed, Mghezzi Larafi Mohamed, Mohand Kaci Ghania, Haddouche A, 

Power quality improvement based on shunt active power filter connected to a photovoltaic array (2016)

IEE Publisher, Proceedings of 2015 IEEE International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference, IRSEC 2015, art. no. 7455103

Mghezzi Larafi Mohamed, Mohand Kaci Ghania, Belaidi Rachid, Hatti Mustapha, Fathi Mohamed, 

Simulation and Implementation of a Single Phase Photovoltaic Inverter Based on Voltage Hysteresis PWM Control Strategy

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