Metidji Nadia

Maîtres de Recherche Classe "B"

EQUIPE: Equipement et Applications Héliothermiques (EAH)


Phone: 213 (0) 24 41 01 33

Post: 141


Superior technician in Mechanical Engineering in 2000 (University of Boumerdes), obtained State engineering diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Blida (2004), and the Magister diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Blida in 2007. she has a PhD in Material sciences from the University of Blida in 2021. Senior technician in mechanical engineering at the national dams agencies (Ministry of Water Resources) from August 2000 to 2005. she is currently a researcher (MRA) at Development Unit of Solar Equipments since 2005, UDES/CDER, Bou-Ismail, Tipaza, Algeria. Her research focusses on low and medium temperature solar thermal. Her first area of expertise in the EAH team is concentrating solar dryer. she is as well working on energetic efficiency.

Publication récentes

Abderrahmane  Younes, Amirouche  Bouamer, Amraoui  Rachid, Metidji Nadia, Abada  Abderahim , 

"Magnetic and Structural Properties of Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-Gr Based Nanostructured Alloys Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying"

Journal of Nano Research

Chikhi Mourad, Metidji Nadia, Mokhtari Fatiha, 

Numerical investigation of porous materials composites reinforced with natural fibers

R2018 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 350 012003