Mezidi Ahmed

Maîtres de Recherche Classe "B"

EQUIPE: Equipement et Applications Héliothermiques (EAH)

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Engineer in Mechanical engineering in 1997 (National Institute of Mechanical Engineering of Boumerdes), obtained master degree in Mechanical construction from the University of Boumerdes (MBB 2013), Algiers, Algeria. He has a PhD in Mechanical engineering from the University of Boumerdes in 2020. He is currently researcher (MRB) at Development Unit of Solar Equipment since 2004, UDES/CDER, Bou-Ismail, Tipaza, Algeria. His research is focused in low and medium temperature solar thermal. His first area of expertise is the study of wind systems, in particular studies of wind resources available in the regions selected.

Publication récentes

Mezidi Ahmed, Guerri O, Mohammedi K, Boudia S, 

Influence of wind data temporal variation in wind resource assessment. Three case studies in the southern part of Algeria

Journal Energy Sources, Part A :Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. 2019.