Tassoult Houda

Maîtres de Recherche Classe "B"

EQUIPE: Equipement et Applications Héliothermiques (EAH)

Email: tassoult.houda@udes.dz

Phone: 213 (0) 24 41 01 33

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obtained State engineering diploma in Electronique in 2002 from Ferhat Abbas University of Setif, obtained magister degree on electronique from the University Ferhat Abbas Setif(UFAS1 2007), Algiers, Algeria. She has a PhD in Electronique from the University Ferhat Abbas Setif(UFAS1 2018). She is currently researcher (MRA) at Development Unit of Solar Equipment since 2013, UDES/CDER, Bou-Ismail, Tipaza, Algeria. She is member in solar thermal application equipment (EAH) team. Her first area of expertise in the EAH team is solar air collector.Her research focuseson low and medium temperature solar thermal. She is working on concentrating solar power systems. She is member on Electrochemistry and Materials Laboratoryat the University Ferhat Abbas Setif(UFAS1) since 2007 working on thin layers solar cells.

Publication récentes

Tassoult Houda, Bouloufa A, Pawlowski M, Igalson M, 

Structural and photoluminescent properties of CuGaxIn1−xSe2 thin filmsprepared by close-spaced vapor transport technique

Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, vol. 88, pp. 167–172