Bendjebbas Hichem

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EQUIPE: Equipement et Applications Héliothermiques (EAH)


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Engineer in Mechanical engineering in 1996 (University of Blida), obtained master degree in Mechanical construction from the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB 2012), Algiers, Algeria. He has a PhD in Numerical Mechanics from the University of Médéa in 2016. He is currently researcher (MRA) at Development Unit of Solar Equipment since 2005, UDES/CDER, Bou-Ismail, Tipaza, Algeria. His research is focused in low and medium temperature solar thermal. His first area of expertise in the EAH team is concentrating solar power systems. He is as well working on advanced mechanical systems in partnership with the LMP2M laboratory at the University of Médéa since 2013.

Publication récentes

Bendjebbas Hichem, Abbas Mohamed, Abdellah EAH, Sellami Rabah, Mohamed MLA, 

Mathematical model of heliostat reflective surface deformation

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Bendjebbas Hichem, Abbas Mohamed, El-Hadj A. Abdellah, Sellami Rabah, Mghezzi Larafi Mohamed, 

Mathematical model of heliostat reflective surface deformation

Nature and Technology Journal, University of Hassiba Ben Bouali de Chlef, Indexed by Proquest&EBSCO. 2016

Bendjebbas Hichem, El-Hadj A. Abdellah, Abbas Mohamed, 

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A review, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol 54 (2016), 452-472

Bendjebbas Hichem, Abdellah El-Hadj A, Abbas Mohamed, 

Numerical simulation of the effect of wind barrier openings on high-speed wind flow around a heliostat field

Applied Mathematical Modelling, Volume 61, Pages 443-456