Djebiret Mohamed Ali

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is a researcher at UDES/EPST-CDER, Algeria, since 2013 until today. He holds a graduate diploma in Energy Physics and Fluid Mechanics from the Mentouri University/Constantine (2009), and Magister degree in Mechanical Engineering/ Thermal System and Energy Control from Biskra University (2012). In 2019, he obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the same university. He was a member of many projects, as: "Study of solar air conditioning in the region of Biskra", and "Hybrid refrigeration and air conditioning Applied to Low Consumption Buildings (BBC)". Currently, he works on the realization of hybrid systems for the vaccines preservation, drugs and Ultraviolet Germicide irradiations systems. He is an author and co-author for a several national and international scientific papers and national patents. He has participated in dozens of national and international conferences. In addition, he supervised university students.

Publication récentes

Mokrane Mahdi, Lounis M, Announ M, Ouali Maamar, Djebiret Mohamed Ali, Bourouis M, 

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Published in: 2018 6th International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC), Date Added to IEEE Explore, (2019)

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