Berdja Mohand

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During my work at UDES research center, I have mainly worked on the design, via experimental testing and energy performance analysis on refrigeration systems prototypes. I have also worked on the development of low-power refrigeration plants supplied by PV panels, and contributed to the development of a solar adsorption refrigerator. During my PhD, I have mainly worked on the phenomenon of super-cooling of PCMs for cold thermal storage, and I also developed a model for the dimensioning and the optimization of a PCM packed bed heat exchanger for refrigerators.I am currently working on defining a global approach that reduces the energy consumption of existing buildings and improves air quality and the inhabitant’s comfort by ways of inexpensive and environmentally friendly solutions.

Publication récentes

Berdja Mohand, Hu Jin, Hamid Abdelkader, Sari Osmann, 

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Berdja Mohand, Yahi Ferhat, Tetbirt Ali, Ouali Maamar, Djebiret Mohamed Ali, Mokrane Mahdi, 

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Tetbirt Ali, Djebiret Mohamed Ali, Mokrane Mahdi, Ouali Maamar, Berdja Mohand, Yahi Ferhat, 

Numerical Approach of Magnetic and Viscous Diffusivity in a Heat Exchanger Cooled by a Non-Newtonian Fluid

Published in: 2018 6th International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC), Date Added to IEEE Explore, (2019)

Berdja Mohand, Hamid A, Sari Osmann, 

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