Benabdelaziz Ferhat Kamel

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EQUIPE: Distillation et Dessalement des Eaux Saumâtre et de Mer (DDESM)

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Ferhat Kamel Benabdelaziz, has done diploma in Mechanical Engineering and is Mechanical workshop manager at UDES. He has a long experience in solar equipments realization. He is responsible for the design and implementation of specific systems used for the development of solar equipments and also for their commissioning.

Publication récentes

Aburideh Hanane, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, Naceur W.M. , Tigrine Zahia, Benabdelaziz Ferhat Kamel, Abbas Mohamed, 

Flat membranes testing bench for water filtration and desalination

AMSIC Newsletter Issue N°6

Diaf Abderrahmane, Benabdelaziz Ferhat Kamel, 

Stand Alone Multiple Trough Solar Desalination with Heat Storage

International Journal of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering, Vol 9, N°11, 2015 pp 927 à 931