Yahiaoui Fatma Zohra

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EQUIPE: Distillation et Dessalement des Eaux Saumâtre et de Mer (DDESM)

Email: ayadiyahiaoui.fatmazohra@yahoo.com

Phone: 213 (0) 24 41 01 33

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gradued with an Engineering diploma in Ecologie from the University A. MIRA of Béjaia in 2006. In 2010 obtained her Magister degree in Biology, option: "Analysis of the Environment and Biodiversity" form the University A. MIRA of Béjaia. Since 2014 she is a permanent researcher at Unit Development of Solar Equipment (UDES)/ Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER). Mrs YAHIAOUI interested in the research of new sustainable and clean energy resources. Currently she participates in the development of new renewable energy technologies for seawater desalination.

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