Belhout Dalila

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EQUIPE: Distillation et Dessalement des Eaux Saumâtre et de Mer (DDESM)


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is scientific researcher since 2013, on Desalination and distillation of seawater and brackish water by renewable energies at Development Unit of Solar Equipments-UDES/Renewable Energy Development Center-CDER, Algeria. She did her PhD on “Evaluation of atmospheric emissions and modeling of the air quality and forecast scenarios” at National Polytechnic School of Algiers in 2019, she is specialized in air quality, water treatment and seawater desalination by renewable energy. Her research activity is devoted to environmental engineering and energy efficency

Publication récentes

Belhout Dalila, H  Relvas, Haddad Brahim, AI  Miranda, 

Impact of energy efficiency policies on the air quality of a North African urban area: emission scenarios by the horizon 2030

Energy Efficiency 14 (8), 1-14

Belhout Dalila, Belgroun Zoubir, Abbas Mohamed, Tigrine Zahia, Tassalit Djillali , 

« Approaches and processes for recovering reverse osmosis discharges from desalination plants »

IRSEC, 978-1-1182-7/IEEE

Tigrine Zahia, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, Aburideh Hanane, Abbas Mohamed, Zioui Djamila, Belhout Dalila, Hout Sarra, 

Pilot-scale reverse osmosis for brackish and seawater desalination coupled with renewable energy

International Journal of Environmental Science. Volume 1, 2016. ISSN: 2367-8941

Tigrine Zahia, Aburideh Hanane, Abbas Mohamed, Zioui Djamila, Bellatreche R, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, Hout Sarra, Belhout Dalila, 

Experimental investigations on a multi-stage water desalination prototype

Desalination and Water Treatment (DWT), Volume 56, Issue 10, pages 2612-2617 (2015)

Bellatreche R, Belhout Dalila, Ouali Maamar, Zioui Djamila, Tigrine Zahia, Aburideh Hanane, Hout Sarra, 

Thermo-Energy Transfer Optimization of a Solar Distiller with Energy Storage Under Bou-Ismail Climatic Conditions

Book Title: Renewable Energy in the Service of Mankind Vol II, Chapter 66, Springer 2015.