Aburideh Hanane

Maîtres de Recherche Classe "B"

EQUIPE: Distillation et Dessalement des Eaux Saumâtre et de Mer (DDESM)

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Phone: 213 (0) 24 41 01 33

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graduated in DES chemistry in 2000 from Houari Boumedienne University USTHB, holder of a master's degree in macromolecular chemistry at the same university In 2005. She obtained her doctorate in industrial chemistry in 2020 at the university of saad dahleb BLIDA. During her studies, she became very interested in polymer chemistry and water treatments. Her basic training in macromolecular chemistry led her to work on membrane processes and membranes elaborations. Currently, she is a researcher in the solar equipments development unit UDES. She supervised the sea and brackish water distillation and desalination research team for 12 years. As a researcher, she continues her involvement in the development of polymeric membranes for water treatment and is part of many scientific projects and events.

Publication récentes

Aburideh Hanane, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, Naceur M W, Tigrine Zahia, Tassalit Djillali , Abbas Mohamed, 

Thermal annealing effect on morphology and performance of polysulfone-cellulose acetate membranes: application for water defluoridation.

Cellulose Chemistry and Technology 53(5-6):583-597(2019)

Abbas Mohamed, Aburideh Hanane, Tigrine Zahia, Hamadene  A, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, 

Thermal Study of a Brackich Water Desalination Process using Solar Energy

IEEE explore digital library, 2380-7393. E-ISSN, Publisher: IEEE,(2018)

Zioui Djamila, Aburideh Hanane, Tigrine Zahia, Hout Sarra, Abbas Mohamed, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, 

Experimental Study on a Reverse Osmosis Device Coupled with Solar Energy for Water Desalination

IEEE explore digital library,, E-ISSN : 2380-7393, Publisher: IEEE

Aburideh Hanane, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, Naceur W.M. , Tigrine Zahia, Benabdelaziz Ferhat Kamel, Abbas Mohamed, 

Flat membranes testing bench for water filtration and desalination

AMSIC Newsletter Issue N°6

Tigrine Zahia, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, Aburideh Hanane, Abbas Mohamed, Zioui Djamila, Belhout Dalila, Hout Sarra, 

Pilot-scale reverse osmosis for brackish and seawater desalination coupled with renewable energy

International Journal of Environmental Science. Volume 1, 2016. ISSN: 2367-8941