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EQUIPE: Distillation et Dessalement des Eaux Saumâtre et de Mer (DDESM)

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gradued with an Engineering diploma in Bioengineer from the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB) in 2007. During 2 years she worked in a medical analysis laboratory. In 2011 obtained her magister degree in engineering and environment form National polytechnic school (ENP). With a doctoral degree in environmental engineering, currently she is a permanent researcher at Unit Development of Solar Equipment (UDES)/ Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER) . The research interest of Mrs Zioui is in wastewater treatment and see water desalination using a membrane process and renewable energies. She has authored a lot of scientific paper published in international journal.

Publication récentes

Zioui Djamila, Aburideh Hanane, Tigrine Zahia, Hout Sarra, Abbas Mohamed, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, 

Experimental Study on a Reverse Osmosis Device Coupled with Solar Energy for Water Desalination

IEEE explore digital library,, E-ISSN : 2380-7393, Publisher: IEEE

Tigrine Zahia, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, Aburideh Hanane, Abbas Mohamed, Zioui Djamila, Belhout Dalila, Hout Sarra, 

Pilot-scale reverse osmosis for brackish and seawater desalination coupled with renewable energy

International Journal of Environmental Science. Volume 1, 2016. ISSN: 2367-8941

Zioui Djamila, Tigrine Zahia, Aburideh Hanane, Hout Sarra, Abbas Mohamed, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, 

Membrane Technology for Water Treatment Applications

International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (IJCEE) , June 2015, Volume 6, No.3

Zioui Djamila, Bellatreche R, Tigrine Zahia, Aburideh Hanane, 

Effect of some external parameters on fresh water quality and production by solar water distillation

Larhyss Journal, ISSN 1112-3680, n°21, March 2015, pp. 197-206

Tigrine Zahia, Aburideh Hanane, Abbas Mohamed, Zioui Djamila, Bellatreche R, Kasbadji Merzouk Nachida, Hout Sarra, Belhout Dalila, 

Experimental investigations on a multi-stage water desalination prototype

Desalination and Water Treatment (DWT), Volume 56, Issue 10, pages 2612-2617 (2015)