The conference will include oral communications and poster sessions specialized in the following topics, but are not limited to:

    A. Fresh water management

  • Water availability, demand and consumption,
  • Renewable Energy and water resource management trends,
  • Climate change impacts on water resources,
  • Supply networks, Leakage and Water losses,

  • B. Desalination

  • Membrane processes ( Reverse osmosis, Electro-Dialysis,…)
  • Thermal processes ( MED, MSF, VC…)
  • Desalination hybrid systems
  • Renewable energies in desalination,
  • New materials in water desalination field,
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment processes
  • Brine/concentrate disposal and waste management

  • C. Wastewater treatment and reuse

  • New trends in conventional processes (treatment quality, energy, financial expenditure,… ),
  • Sustainable processes (advanced oxidation processes, Nanotechnologies, SODIS…),
  • Wastewater treatment powered by renewable energies (green electricity, biogas, cogeneration, microbial fuel cells …),
  • Decentralized wastewater treatment plants (MBR, SBR, low cost technologies …),
  • Wastewater reuse (Management, Polices, Regulation, standards …)

  • D. Financial, Economic and environmental aspects

  • Environmental issues of water treatment processes
  • Water pollution and Environmental impact assessment
  • Techno-economic studies,
  • Monitoring, water quality, Safety and security issues,