Visit of Mr. Director of the Center for Industrial Technological development CDTI - Kingdom of Spain to UDES


      Within the framework of the memorandum of the Algerian -Spanish agreement for the scientific and technical co-operation signed by the two Ministers of Foreign affairs on July 21st, 2015 in Madrid, during the 6th Algerian -Spanish high level bilateral meeting.

      The DGRSDT and the Center for Industrial Technological development, CDTI- of the Kingdom of Spain established a bilateral technological cooperation program called: “ALGESIP”: Algeria-Spain innovation programs. A program open to the research & Developement projects in the industrial field between the Spanish and Algerian partners in particular in the following technological sectors: Agriculture, renewable energies, advanced technologies (micro-electronics, nanotechnologies, ICT,…).

      Accordingly the Solar Equipments Development Unit , UDES, affiliated to the EPST Renewable Energies Development Center , CDER, received on January 18th, 2018, a Spanish delegation headed by Mr. Jose Garcia the Director of the Center for Industrial Technological development CDTI- of the Kingdom of Spain, accompanied by senior officials of the embassy of Spain.

      In his intervention, Mr. José Garcia first gave an overview on the activities and objectives of the CDTI, namely, the promotion of collaboration between the Algerian universities and research centers and the CDTI and the support of companies to develop collaborations with universities and research centers for the purpose of a socio-economic partnership and the financing of technical projects that contribute to solve a problem in the industrial sector.


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