Visit of stewardship techniques school “shahid Djilali Bounaàma” of Blida cadets to UDES


       As part of the Renewable Energy Education and Training program, UDES hosted on Monday, January 29, 2018, cadets of the stewardship techniques school shahid Djilali Bounaàma of Blida, Stewardship Training Techniques Center (CFTI) before.

      In order to give the learners the necessary elements to become familiar with the different systems in the field of renewable energies, the cadets visited the various laboratories and test benches illustrating the work performed by the researchers and the research and development activities carried out within the Unit. Such as, seawater and brackish water desalination , agricultural products drying and also their waste drying , solar water heater, energy management and characterization of multi-source systems (PV-Wind- electrochemical Storage), the low energy consumption smart solar house , ... etc.


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