National Meeting on Fruits and Vegetables Drying


       The production of fruits and vegetables in different regions of the country is carried out during very short periods, and the surplus produced for this purpose, requires techniques and methods of conservation to allow a prolonged use of agricultural products by the citizen. Drying is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. This preservation technique must guarantee to maintain the qualitative properties of the product after the drying process.

      For this, the General Directorate of the Scientific Research and Technological Development organized a National Meeting on Fruits and Vegetables Drying gathering Algerian skills in the matter, and this for two days 17 and 18th February 2018 at the Solar Equipments Development Unit UDES (Bou Ismail, Tipaza),

      In this respect, Pr.Tahar Hadjar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, accompanied by Prof. Hafid Aourag, General Director of Scientific Research at the Ministry of Higher Education and Wali of the wilaya of Tipaza Mr. Moussa Ghellai, local authorities and senior ministry officials, were received by the Director of EPST CDER, Professor N. Yassaa and UDES Director Dr. B. Bouzidi.

      In his official opening address of this days, the Minister, Pr.Tahar Hadjar, expressed the need for the knowledge and know-how sharing in order to identify the different processes and methods of drying while affirming the importance of building lasting links between farmers and research operators.

      For his part, Professor Hafid Aourag explained that the purpose of this meeting is to highlight the results of research in the socio-economic sector, in particular the agricultural sector considered as the engine of sustainable development and source of growth and food security. In his address, Prof. Hafid Aourag, with the aim of leading to the industrialization of research products, emphasized the aspects of certification and approval of these products, which will now have to be taken into account by the research sector.

      On the other hand, reflections were carried out in workshops organized on the following topics:

Workshop1: Census and mapping of dried products, Process and methods of fruits and vegetables drying,
Workshop 2: Technological Aspects.

      On the sidelines of this day, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Pr.Tahar Hadjar, visited some research projects conducted within the Unit, such as, the low-energy smart solar home, seawater and brackish water desalination, the application of photovoltaic equipments and the production of cold by solar thermal energy, the platform for remote monitoring of photovoltaic plants connected to the grid and agricultural products and their wastes drying.


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