UDES / EPST CDER and CEVITAL working session


       In order to consolidate the cooperation between scientific research and the industrial and socio-economic sectors, a working session was held on January 28th, 2018 at 14:00 between researchers from UDES / EPST-CDER chaired by Mr BOUZIDI Belkacem Director of UDES / EPST-CDER and Top Management of CEVITAL Group headed by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Issad REBRAB.

      In his opening speech, the CEO of CEVITAL welcomed the assistance then recalled the importance he gives to scientific and technical cooperation between his Group and the scientific research sector. In his turn, the Director of UDES, reviewed all activities and research themes as well as the achievements and partners of UDES / EPST-CDER in his presentation. Subsequently, UDES / EPST-CDER researchers presented three projects of the Unit namely: the low-energy smart home, desalination and wastewater treatment by renewable energies.

      For his part, the CEO of CEVITAL presented the research, development and innovation activities carried out by the research centers of his group in certain fields related to renewable energies.

      Deep discussions on specific themes were tackled in order to clearly identify areas of collaboration and projects of common interest.


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