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The sustainable development policy implemented by Algeria through the national program for renewable energies and energy efficiency as well as the various incentives, will allow better use of the vast energy potential that renewable resources represent in Algeria. Energy independence, coupled with greenhouse gas emissions and the desire to diversify the energy resources permit to value and exploit the alternative energies. Therefore, renewable energy represents an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels being depleted, they all have the huge advantage of being natural, inexhaustible, clean and well suited for the decentralized production . Solar, wind, hydrolic and biomass energies are the most common forms and their promotion is a major focus of the energy and environmental policy.

The Solar Equipments Development Unit , UDES, a Research Unit attached to the Renewable Energies Development Center , CDER located in Bou-Ismail (Wilaya of Tipaza). Its staff is composed of more than 70 permanents researchers and PhD students , it is one of the leading institutions in the renewable energies field.

The Unit covers a broad spectrum of activities gathered within two (02) divisions: Renewable energies Equipments (EER) and Cooling and Water treatment by Renewable energies (FTEER).

. The unit is widely open to national and international cooperation projects and the reception of students as part of their graduation or post graduation training in the field of renewable energy , it also welcomes scientific visitors. In addition to research and development, UDES works in cooperation with universities and industrial partners in many projects of common interest.

The directorate and all the researchers and support staff will spare no effort in synergy with the entire staff of the Renewable Energies Development Center for achieving the objectives.

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                                                                                                    Dr Belkacem BOUZIDI
									                            Director of the unit

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