Participation of UDES to the 61st anniversary of the national student's day


      The Solar Equipment Development Unit (UDES) affiliated to the EPST Renewable Energies Development Center (CDER) represented by its Director Dr. Belkacem Bouzidi, participated in the National Student Day commemorating the 62nd anniversary of the student day at the University Center Morsli Abdallah of Tipasa in the presence of a ministerial delegation composed of the Minister of the Mojahedine Mr. Tayeb Zitouni, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Professor Tahar Hadjar and the Minister of Culture M Azzedine Mihoubi, accompanied by the Wali of Tipasa Mr. Moussa Ghellai and many deputies and officials.

      This historic date recalls the sacrifice of the Algerian students who chose May 19th, 1956, to leave the benches of the universities and join the ranks of the National Liberation Army (ALN).

      On this occasion, the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, sent a message read on his behalf, at the University Center of Tipasa Morsli Abdallah, by the Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi, in which he called the students to "seize the opportunity that their country offers them to acquire the knowledge by taking care not to lose any moment of their student career in the service of the future of the country ".

      After the lifting of the national emblem, the laying of a wreath and the reading the Fatiha in homage of the chouhadas, at the University Center of Tipasa, the ministerial delegation planted 257 trees in tribute to the victims of the crash of the military plane in Boufarik.

      On the sidelines of this historic day, the ministerial delegation visited the stand of the Solar Equipments Development Unit , UDES / EPST-CDER where they were received by the Director of the EPST CDER, Pr Noureddine Yassa and the Director of UDES, Dr. Belkacem Bouzidi where they presented to the delegation the latest prototypes of the research laboratories and the most recent renewable energies potential maps.

      Students also took part in this event by exposing their work and their various scientific achievements as well as young start-ups activating in the wilaya of Tipasa.


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