Appointment of Dr. D. TASSALIT as Director of the Solar Equipments Development Unit, UDES / EPST CDER

February 18th,2020

      Dr. D. TASSALIT was installed as Director of the Solar Equipment Development Unit, UDES/EPST CDER, affiliated to the Renewable Energies Development Center on Tuesday, February 18th, 2020, replacing D.B. Bouzidi.

The installation ceremony took place in the presence of D. S. Diaf, Director of the EPST CDER, the General Secretary of the EPST CDER, the Directors of UDES Divisions, the representatives of the Research staff and research support as well as service managers.

Biography of Dr. D. TASSALIT:

Doctor in Process Engineering and Researcher at UDES / EPST CDER . After obtaining an engineering degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene in 2004, Dr. Tassalit prepared theses for obtaining the Magister degree and then a Phd in Sciences in 2008 and 2013 respectively in the same university , then he obtained a University Habilitation in 2017 from Saad Dahleb University in Blida.

In 2011, he joined, as a permanent researcher, the Solar Equipments Development Unit UDES / EPST CDER , after working from 2006 to 2011 at the level of the ONEX Office, Direction des Fabrications Militaires DFM as Head of Standardization Service and Head of Manufacturing Process Division.

During these years of experience as engineer in charge of industry and permanent researcher, Dr. Tassalit has developed a methodology for managing projects and personnel with best practices and tools in order to ensure a good working environment. , of trust and knowledge sharing in the field of desalination and water treatment by integrating renewable energies with members of the desalination team and other researchers and research support staff of UDES.

He was chairman of the joint committee of permanent researchers of the EPST CDER (2014-2017), member of several committees including the CFD-GP / USTHB, CFD-GM / University of Blida. He is involved in research on the application of renewable energies in desalination, water treatment and in the field of nanomaterials. He is the author of more than thirty publications and member of several research projects on a national and international scale (PNR, WATERBIOTECH-FP ERANETMED- SETPROPER- Algerian-Tunisian projects ...).


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