"2013" Masters Trainee

Name University Home division Framer / co framer Synthesis subject
N.Ouhib Paris West University Nanterre Defense E.E.R R.Sellami
Evaluation and Perspectives of the Algerian Renewable Energy market
Study of phase change materials (PCM) performance in the domestic refrigeration
USTHB F.T.E.E.R Laoufi
Photovoltaic treatment of a biorecalcitrant pollutant in a solar reactor
USTHB F.T.E.E.R T. Tebouche
Conceptual study of a two stages solar cooling system
USTHB F.T.E.E.R A.Diaf Desalination by multiple stages solar distillation . techno-economic study.
USTHB E.E.R A.Mahrane
Experimental study of a photovoltaic power station with thin layer integrated into the building and connected to the network.
Blida University E.E.R S.Rabah Modeling of an air collector for a solar drier .
R.Saoudi Blida University E.E.R N.Kasbadji Merzouk Economic energy potential of renewable energies.
Blida University E.E.R K.Ferdjani
Etude d’un générateur photovoltaique de technologie mixte.
K.Debiani Blida University E.E.R N.Kasbadji Merzouk
Dimensioning and realization of a solar greenhouse intended for food wastes drying.
T.Kassim Blida University E.E.R M.Chikh
Impact of photovoltaic systems integration analyze on the conventional electrical network..


Name University Home division Framer / co framer Synthesis subject
O.Badaoui Blida University E.E.R N.Kasbadji Merzouk
Study of the calorific and electric cogeneration for vegetables products drying in controlled atmosphere .
L.Merabti Blida University F.T.E.E.R N.Kasbadji Merzouk
Techno-economic study of a solar tower under Algerian climate..
H.Aburideh Blida University F.T.E.E.R N.Kasbadji Merzouk
Preparation of the polymeric membranes characterizations and their applications in water defloration .
B.Bendib Ferhat Abbas University E.E.R A new approach for modelling and control of autonomous photovoltaic systems .
M.Abderrazak Ferhat Abbas University E.E.R Modeling of the solar cells tandem with thin layers and high-output.
Z.Neffah USTHB F.T.E.E.R heat and mass transfers Analyzes of a non Newtonian fluid and an oscillatory mode in a channel with porous partitions.
R.Belaidi Badji Mokhtar University E.E.R Contribution to the electrical energy quality improvement by the use of an active filter.
F.Chekired Ecole National Polytechnique E.E.R Optimization of the renewable energy systems by genetic algorithms .
N.Hatraf Med Khider University F.T.E.E.R Systematic analysis and optimization of the performances of an energy chain using an air solar collector and a buried exchanger for solar heating and cooling by the geothermic .
D.Tassalit USTHB F.T.E.E.R Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutant in an aqueous suspension..
D.Bendib Ecole Nationale Polytechnique E.E.R Contribution to the study and implementation of real-time controls for asynchronous motor.
M.Mghezzi Larafi Ecole Nationale Polytechnique E.E.R Control of three-phase asynchronous machine.
M. Chikhi Batna University E.E.R Metrology and modeling of transfers in the natural composites of low costs for thermal insolation in solar panels.
M.F. Almi Batna University E.E.R hybrid, solar and wind energy generator Connection with the three-phase electrical network through power converters .
Z. Smara Polytechnic national school E.E.R Contribution to the solar photovoltaic hydrogen potential evaluation on a large scale.
A. Guennounou Aboubekr Belkaide University E.E.R Contribution to the development of a photovoltaic characterization bench: computer controlled.
Z. Tigrine USTHB F.T.E.E.R Modelling of the corrosion process in the fluid wall interface of EUROFER.
M. Laouar Polytechnic national school E.E.R Study of disturbances caused by power electronics converters using the EDTD method, applied to a photovoltaic system conversion.
S. Igoud Polytechnic national school F.T.E.E.R Renewable energy use in wastewater treatment processes.
F. Akel Polytechnic national school E.E.R Design and control of a photovoltaic-wind hybrid system connected to the network and isolated.
M. Ayad Blida University E.E.R Photovoltaic integration to the agricultural greenhouses by the use of luminous cascade materials.
M. Berdja Blida University F.T.E.E.R Theoretical study of a diphasic refrigerant fluid : ice slurry.
H. Rezzouk Jijel University E.E.R Contribution to the optimization and the control of a photovoltaic system.
N. Chekir USTHB F.T.E.E.R Design and realization of photocatalytic engines. Application of the advanced oxidation processes and solar radiations for the treatment of emergent pollutants; case : pharmaceutical rejections.
D. Zioui Polytechnic national school F.T.E.E.R Polymeric membranes for dialysis. Synthesis. Characterization and transport.
R. Bellatreche Boumerdes University F.T.E.E.R Numerical modelling of heat exchange in the absorber of a cylindro-parabolic solar concentrator.
A. Aichouba Blida University E.E.R N.Kasbadji Merzouk
Study of a cylindro - parabolic field performances in an arid medium: case of the solar power station of Hassi R' mel.
A. Haji Blida University F.T.E.E.R N.Kasbadji Merzouk
Study of the coupling of a unit of demineralization of brackish water to a renewable energy source.
O. Ketfi Blida University F.T.E.E.R N.Kasbadji Merzouk
Study of an absorption group performance coupled to a solar collector field and a heat pipe exchanger.
A. Sarrai Médéa University F.T.E.E.R N.Kasbadji Merzouk
Elimination of the pharmaceutical components in the aqueous effluents by a treatment process based on the coupling of adsorption and the advanced oxidation techniques.
F. Medjdoub Blida University F.T.E.E.R M. Merzouk
Study of the performances of a solar collector with FRESNEL mirrors in permanent and transitory modes.

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