Visit of the Minister of the Environment and Renewable Energies accompanied by the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program to UDES

April 9th,2018

      The Solar Equipments Development Unit affiliated to the Renewable Energy Development Center, received on Monday, April 09, 2018 a delegation composed of Mrs. Fatma Zohra Zerouati, Minister of the Environment and Renewable Energies, accompanied by the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program, Erik Solheim, and Mr. Ghellai Moussa, Wali of Tipaza , the head of the Da├»ra of Bou Ismail and local authorities.

      After a short welcome speech, a presentation of the various activities of the EPST CDER and the renewable energy program was given by Prof. Noureddine. Yassaa, Director of the Renewable Energy Development Center EPST CDER.

      While receiving various explanations from the projects managers, the delegation visited various outdoor experimental platforms of the Solar Equipment Development Unit (UDES), namely, one dedicated to the habitat, another to the agriculture, one for the production of electricity and finally one for the treatment and desalination of water and finally the eco-educational platform specially dedicated to school children visiting the Unit.

      As a reminder, the eco-educational platform (ecological education) freshly installed at the unit, 100% powered by renewable energies (electrification, water heating and the complete drip irrigation system installed downstream of the water pumping system for the garden, in order to make children aware of the importance of water and its use in an optimal way.).

      Finally, the visit of the delegation ended at the level of the low-energy smart solar house, powered as its name suggests by solar electricity, allowing water treatment, the operation of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. , and solar heating.

      The visit ended by the signing of the Golden Book by Mr. Erik Solheim,General Secretary-and Executive Director of the United Nations for Environment Program, expressing a message of appreciation for the efforts made by Algeria in the field of renewable energies.


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