Closing day of PACEIM at UDES .

April 23rd, 2017

      ANVREDET, National Agency for the Promotion of the Results of Research and Technological Development, organized a closing day on Sunday 23rd April, 2017 at the Solar Equipments Development Unit (UDES), presenting an assessment of the last three years of the The PACEIM Program(Program to Support the Creation of Innovative companies in the Mediterranean) , during which ten prizes winner of three PACEIM promotions presented their successes stories.

      As a reminder, PACEIM is a multilateral program intended for the scientific diaspora of the southern Mediterranean, residing in France and wishing to mobilize its expertise for the benefit of their country of origin. Its objective is to accompany the projects of creation of innovative companies and to equip them with the means necessary for the raising of the funds and the initiation of the activity.

      PACEIM's objectives are to promote the socio-economic integration of graduates from scientific and technical diasporas through the creation of innovative companies with high growth potential in the countries of the southern Mediterranean basin: incubators, technopoles, Seed funds ...

      As part of this dynamic of support for the creation of innovative companies and following the agreement of the Algerian authorities, ANVREDET has received a mandate for the management and follow-up of the Multilateral Assistance Program for the Creation of Innovative companies in the Mediterranean "PACEIM", which aims to promote and support innovative projects resulting from university research and which can lead to the creation of high added value companies.

      At the end of the day, several winners presented their success story through this program and two conventions were signed, the first between ANVREDET and ENSA (the National Agricultural Superior School of Algiers). And the second convention by the ANVREDET project leader Mr. Abdelkrim Chenguel with his economic partner ...

         Overview of the project of Abdelkrim Chenguel :

      An above-ground forage production technique was developed by an Algerian agronomist researcher, Abdelkrim Chenguel, member of the National Agency for the valorization of Research results and Technological Development (Anvredet) .To produce Green forage during the whole year, and whatever the climatic constraints, this technique could, according to its designer, permit to cope with the recurrent deficit of the animal feed, the main obstacle to the development of milk production and red meat.

      According to Mr. Chenguel, through his invention, it is possible to obtain seven kilograms of fodder from the seeding, under special conditions, of one kilogram of barley after a period of maturation not exceeding seven days for a surface area of just 50 m2, the equivalent of what can be achieved over an area of 50 hectares through a conventional method which will, in his opinion, ensure sustainable milk production and create integrated livestock farms.



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