Appointment of new division directors at UDES


As part of the application of the General Directorate of Scientific Research and Technological Development directives aiming to give new life to scientific research units, new division directors have been appointed at the level of the Solar Equipments Development Unit. (UDES) in the presence of the Director of the Renewable Energies Development Center (EPST / CDER), Dr. S. Diaf, the Director of the Solar Equipments Development Unit (UDES / EPST / CDER), Dr. D. Tassalit, Dr. Khaled Imessad, Deputy Director at the Renewable Energies Development Center, as well as team leaders from the Solar Equipments Development Unit (UDES / EPST/CDER ) .

Appointment of Dr. H. Belmili to succeed Dr. A. Mahrane at the head of the Renewable Energies Equipments Division (EER).

Appointment of Dr. M.A. Djebiret to succeed Dr. M. Abbas at the head of the Refrigeration and Water Treatment Division by Renewable Energies (FTEER).

Many thanks to the former division directors for their loyal services and our encouragements to the new ones.


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