UDES: reforestation operation on the occasion of The International Forest Day

March 21st, 2017

      The Solar Equipments Development Unit UDES , celebrated The International Forest Day, which was established on 21 March every year around the world, by participating to a reforestation operation in collaboration with the Forest Service of the Da├»ra of Bou Ismail .

Dozens of forest trees among them , Aleppo pines, cedars and cypress trees have been planted to make the environment more beautiful and participate to its preservation .

      A beautiful action, on this first day of spring that coincides with the school holidays, and for which all the necessary conveniences have been available, to successfully accomplish this civilizing gesture.

      Recalling that it was following the International Year of Forests in 2011, that the United Nations wished to establish a day putting forests in the spotlight: the 21 March became the International Forest Day.

      Throughout the world, events are held to promote, protect and celebrate forests. The idea is to make this International Forest Day an opportunity to celebrate the forest, tree and wood, whose multiple services make it an essential resource for sustainable development.



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