DZ-EOL: Study Day on Wind Energy JEEE'15

Tuesday, 17thMarch,2015

      Under the patronage of Mr. the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Mr. The General Director of Scientific Research and Technological Development, the Development Centre of Renewable Energies, CDER, organizes a study Day on wind Energy in Algeria on March 17 th , 2015 in Adrar, within its Research Unit of Renewable Energy in Sahara , URERMS , Adrar.

The JEEE'15 day aims to promote research work and new knowledge in the field of wind energy, by bringing together researchers and experts activating in wind energy field. Through this initiative, RSREU-MS has the ambition to create a tradition of scientific forum of reference to the Saharan context. It should be noted that a visit to the Kabertene wind farm will be organized on this day.


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