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    Refrigeration and air conditioning equipments have known a very rapid expansion in the last decade. These systems are being questioned for their energy consumption and for refrigerants being used because of their direct impact on our natural environment.
      The improvement of these systems is better energy efficiency and the use of neutral refrigerants. The development of new systems using renewable energies is the future challenge for researchers institutions to reduce environnement complications and save energy for future generations use.

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     The I3CT_MENA'2015 conference will be held at Unité de Développement des Equipements Solaires (UDES), Bou-Ismail/ Centre de Développement dse Energies Renouvelables (CDER)Tipaza on 6th October, 2015. The aims of this meeting point are to provide a forum for researchers, investors, consultants, industrials and various faculty students on recent developments in the field of cooling technologies (Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and ventilation). This event will create also a platform for cooperation between researchers and industry.

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